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6 Home Styling Rules You Can Break

3 min read

We’re all familiar with conventional interior styling rules, from only painting your ceiling white to keeping faux plants away from your front porch. While abiding by these rules is the safe, comfortable route for designing an aesthetic home, moving past the initial discomfort helps you create a truly unique space that offers more of what you love. To get you started, we’ve outlined six home styling rules worth breaking for your Lake Charles home.

Mixing Bold Patterns

Large prints, impactful colors and funky shapes are each stand-alone statements, so why not combine them? Pattern mixing can be tricky, but once mastered, you can create a space that speaks to your specific style.

When pattern mixing, there are a few things to keep in mind:

Painting Small Rooms a Dark Color

Dark colors for small rooms are a big no-no for some, but not for all. Adequate lighting—either natural or artificial—is crucial for dark rooms to prevent them from feeling too closed or gloomy. While dark colors may not be the best option for every space, strategically choosing which walls you paint can make all the difference. For example, painting the ceiling and back wall a darker color elongates a space without feeling too compact.

Living Finishes

Soapstone, unsealed concrete, marble and unlacquered brass are just a few high-maintenance materials that damage easily and are often avoided in high-traffic homes. For most homeowners, water rings or etched countertops are a dreaded sight, but “living” finishes can be chic and well-managed. Make prodigious use of coasters and other shielding measures to protect surfaces. Even still, over time, your home will experience normal wear and tear. It’s nothing to be ashamed of!

Utilizing Art Only on Walls

If you love to change the placement of your artwork—or even the artwork itself—leaning your artwork against the wall or on shelves is a great alternative to hanging it. Paintings and prints aren’t the only forms of art, either. Don’t forget that pottery, woodwork and sculptures are all viable options to decorate your home.

Matching All of Your Furniture

gray, white and cream living room with textural elements

Matching your furniture is a tale as old as time, especially for bedroom suites, dining room chairs or outdoor patio furniture. This may not agree with your personal style, though, and there are plenty of ways you can sidestep matching pieces without giving up visual harmony. You can create a cohesive space with clean, crisp lines without matching all of your furniture by incorporating old and new pieces. Just like pattern mixing, identifying a common theme throughout your furniture—like wood tones, dominant colors or even material usage—helps each piece stand alone while still maintaining a balanced design.

Mixing Metals and Materials

This age-old rule is challenged in both fashion and interior design. Hardware, faucets and other fixtures are subtle changes that can make a big impact if done correctly. Blending warm and cool-toned finishes, like oil-rubbed bronze (cool) and copper (warm), provides a contrast that doesn’t overpower a room. However, you should avoid using metal combinations in the same hue. Slight differences in hue may look like a mistake instead of an intentional change.

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