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How to Add Color to a Neutral Color Palette

3 min read

Neutral color palettes are a perennially popular choice for homeowners across the nation. For those a little closer to home in Lake Charles, you may want to expand your color horizons with a few pops of color here and there, especially with seasonally appropriate decor. If you’re shy about taking big risks with decor, we’re here to help enhance your home, whether it’s through ideas on decor or with our replacement products

We’ll offer some ideas on how to keep your neutral palette front and center with colors that add interest without taking away from your soothing color scheme. 

What Are Neutral Color Schemes?

Neutral color schemes are color groupings consisting of muted, desaturated tones. They’re popular for their versatility and, since neutral tones are often calming, they can help transform your home into a relaxing retreat. Instead of relying on bright colors for visual interest, neutral color palettes often use different textural elements, like wood, low-key metallics or patterned fabric. The main goal of neutral palettes are calm cohesion for a peaceful living space, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid using color at all. Using color mindfully and in small supply adds a personal touch to these popular color schemes. 

How to Use Neutral Palettes to Accentuate Your Home

We’ll highlight some of the more popular choices for neutral palettes below as well as offer some ideas for unobtrusive pops of color to add some visual interest. 

light blue and white bedroom

Light Blue and White

For a city like Lake Charles, coastal color palettes that play into the water and sky like light blue and white just make sense. A muddled blue with gray overtones in pillows, a painting or as a throw over your lighter-color sofa adds visual interest without overwhelming this soft color palette. You’ll feel like you’re living in a cloud. 

Want to go a step further? Metallic brass elements in candlesticks or picture frames add a touch of warmth that pairs beautifully with this palette. 

Cream and Light Brown

When you think “neutral palette,” this is likely one of the first color sets that comes to mind. A true-neutral color palette, creams and light browns are a warm, earthy combination you’ll see in homes across the country. Playing up texture with fur throws or interesting fabric choices gives plenty of interest without taking away from the overall simplicity.  

Want to add a little more color? Sage green is a soft, mature choice that pulls from the outdoors, making it a natural fit with creams and light brown. 

Black and Brown

A sophisticated, modern palette, black and browns are striking in home offices or living rooms. We’d recommend a warm caramel brown with plenty of wood elements to soften this stark palette without compromising on drama. 

Elevate your neutral color palette with some metallic elements. Gold accents in lighting and small knick-knacks bring the sun into this darker palette without lightening up on those striking dark colors. 

gray, white and cream living room with textural elements

Gray and White

A cooler-toned alternative to creams and browns, gray and white can be coastal or more traditional depending on your tastes. It’s a timeless, versatile color scheme that inspires tranquility like little else. 

Add warmth to this palette with a soft, desaturated pink. In the last few years, some shades of pink have become accepted as neutrals on their own. Add pink in as an accent to a more muted color scheme for a cozy touch that doesn’t overwhelm. 

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