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Bay & Bow Windows

  • Projects from the exterior of your home
  • Adds to the dimension of the room
  • Creates a display area for plants and decorations
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Customize With Bay & Bow Windows

The right window can make a big difference in your space. With bay & bow windows from Window World of Lake Charles, you can add depth, dimension, and custom style to any room. Bay & bow windows allow the maximum amount of natural light while ensuring energy efficiency and durability.

Additional Benefits

  • Adjustable hanging system eliminates sagging and bowing
  • Multi-channel design insulates temperature-controlled inside air
  • Expanded view allows light into your home
  • Vinyl frames are built to last and prevent chipping and peeling
  • Available in double-hung, casement, and fixed lite styles
  • Includes a transferable Lifetime Warranty

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Bay & Bow FAQs

  1. What are bay & bow windows?
    1. Bay & bow windows offer an expanded view to bring additional light and design into your home.
  2. Can I replace normal windows with bay or bow windows?
    1. Yes. Many times the space left from an old window will allow for bay or bow windows to be installed, but if necessary Window World can adjust your opening to fit any window you desire.
  3. What is the difference between bay and bow windows?
    1. Bay windows are composed of three separate windows, angled like an isosceles trapezoid. Bow windows are composed of 4 or 5 separate windows.
  4. What are the features of bay & bow windows?
    1. An expanded view to bring additional light into your home; extruded vinyl frames and sashes to help increase energy efficiency; Slimline reinforced mullion design for added strength; Adjustable turn-buckle cable hanging system to eliminate sagging and bowing.

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